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If you have already read my interview with Brittany Russell, M.Ed. about imposter syndrome, you’ll know my path to obtaining my Master of Education in student affairs was not void of self-doubting internal dialogue and a barrage of questioning from external voices (relatable to many, I’m sure). If you haven’t yet read that article, I’d recommend starting there. For context, my career is in human resources and a Master of Education with a focus on student affairs often raised eyebrows to the inquisitive, captious, and quizzical in my network.

When first applying to the program, I struggled to find the…

How being a Bambi changed my outlook on international business travel

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Compared to 2020, 2019 was tame. Yet, as I reflect back on the year before our current globally history-defining year, 2019 held some of my more significant professional milestones. For me, 2019 came in hot and kept me toasty for most of its 365 days. In many ways, I can’t believe how much was accomplished in such a short time (except that I can because my coworkers are all-stars) or how defining a year it would become. In early 2019, being incredibly green in my new compensation specialization, I was excited for new challenges and tackled every opportunity with a…

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Dissonance in music is the lack of harmony among musical notes. Dissonance in psychology is a state of inconsistency amongst thoughts, attitudes, or behaviours. Sometimes dissonance can result in some wonderfully beautiful compositions (see Arnold Schoenberg — Piano Concerto, Op. 42). It’s rare, however, that a similar beauty can be sensed in the dissonance between where we are and where we perceive ourselves to be. Often, this distance creates stress as we begin to question, “Am I good enough? Am I worthy? What if someone finds out I’m not as good as they think I am?”. …

Olivia Saccucci

M.Ed. grad in an HR hat. I work in numbers and write for fun. Passionate about education and professional growth. (she/her)

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